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Nikon's new NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR Z series zoom lens ships in April

The new NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR only weighs 725g
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The new NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR only weighs 725g

The new NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR packs an impressive 14.2x zoom into a compact and lightweight body.

How lightweight exactly? 725g to be precise (25.59oz), which given the new NIKKOR Z 28-400mm f/4-8 VR’s versatile focal-length range between 28mm at the wide-angle end and 400mm at the super-telephoto end makes it super flexible.

As well as that 14.2x zoom, it also features 5.0 stops of built-in optical vibration reduction to counteract shake, and the VR advantage increases to 5.5 stops when the lens is attached to a Nikon Z camera that has Synchro VR capability. It also utilises Nikon’s fast, quiet stepping motor for autofocus, allowing users to find focus quickly, even with rapidly moving subjects.

As the company is more than happy to point out, it doesn’t just do wide and far either. It has a minimum focus distance of just 0.2m at 28mm, and 1.2m at 400mm. Maximum reproduction ratio is 0.35x too, allowing users to frame detailed shots of smaller subjects and reproduce them at nearly half their actual size. 



It features 21 elements in 15 groups and a 9-blade diaphragm. The silent control ring is customisable, and a zoom-lock switch prevents the lens from extending accidentally. And while it doesn’t seem to have an IP rating as such, Nikon states that reliable sealing around the mount and all moving parts prevents dust and water droplets from entering the lens barrel.

The included hood boasts an unusual squared design. This can be inverted to save space when storing the 3.4in (84.5mm)  x  5.6in (141.5mm) lens, and it’s also possible to shoot with the hood still inverted.

Price is $1299 and it will ship mid April.

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