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Kodak finally releases its new Super 8 film camera

Kodak's new Super 8 camera.
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Kodak's new Super 8 camera.

It's been a very long time coming, but Kodak has finally released its new Super 8 film camera, a product that was first announced back in 2016.

Kodak's Super 8 camera has been such a long time in the making that it was thought that the company had abandoned the project. However, recently the company did offer some hints that it was still working on the project, with every intention for a release.

That day has now arrived, and Kodak has announced that the camera is now available to purchase as a pre-order, albeit in limited quantities and at a fairly hefty $5495. The camera will not be a mass-produced run and will only be made as a limited number. Although quite what that number is Kodak is currently keeping tight-lipped about.

While the camera has the Kodak name on it, it's no secret that it was developed in conjunction with Logmar, which produced its own new Super 8 camera a few years ago, and is currently working on another.


Kodak Super 8 camera features

The Kodak Super 8 camera features an extended gate, giving 14:9 ratio filming to allow footage to better intercut with modern widescreen formats. Super 8 cameras traditionally used optical viewfinders, which were often difficult to focus with. The Kodak camera brings things up to date with a 4" LCD flip out monitor, which should make focussing much easier.

C-mount lenses are catered for, giving a vast amount of choice when it comes to glass, and the camera comes with a 6mm 1:1.2 lens out of the box. A 3.5mm jack allows the use of microphones, along with crystal sync to ensure a consistent frame rate for sound lineup at 24 and 25fps. Those who are concerned about Super 8 sound quality need not worry, since the audio is recorded separately inside the camera to a WAV format file onto an SD card. Other frame rates include the traditional 18fps and slight slow motion at 36fps. An HDMI port is also provided to allow external recording, which might prove useful if you want to get an edit working while you're waiting for the film to be processed.

The body of the camera provides a top handle, as well as a pistol grip for versatile hand held shooting.

What's included in the box?

  • Pelican Case
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera
  • Wide Angle 6 mm Lens 1:1.2
  • C-Mount Cap, Lens Cap and Lens Hood
  • Pistol Grip with trigger
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Cable(s)
  • KODAK Super 8 Camera USB Power Adapter
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • KODAK TRI-X Black & White Reversal Film 7266
  • Getting Started Guide

The Kodak Super 8 camera will initially release in the US for $5495, with other countries to follow. Pre-orders are open here.



It might seem a bit an odd thing to release a brand new Super 8 camera in 2023, but as we've been covering recently, the format is having a bit of a revival as filmmakers discover the joys of analogue shooting. It's been a long time coming, and it's certainly not an inexpensive camera, but it will suit those who are on one of the many professional shoots, such as fashion and lifestyle productions, that often use Super 8 intercut with modern formats. A new camera like this gives reliability and stability that can't be guaranteed with a vintage model.

Watch some footage shot with the camera below.


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