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Nikon releases its own statement regarding RED

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This is a short story about a short statement.

Following RED’s somewhat terse statement that it was all business as usual and nobody needed to worry about anything earlier this week, Nikon has released its own statement on what happens next via its social media channels.

It’s actually longer, 60 words as opposed to RED’s 38. Here it is in full. 

We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming support and anticipation we have received after the announcement of the RED acquisition.

We are planning that there will be no changes to RED‘s current product lineup, the partners, and the relationship with the dealers.

RED will continue to support its policies with warranty, repair service, customer service, and overall product support.

Sounds like the need for reassurance here came from the industry itself rather than the end users in this case. Still, at least it’s nice of them to show us what the new logo may look like ;-) 

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