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SANDMARC launches Travel Backpack for mobile photography

SANDMARC Travel Backpack in action
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SANDMARC Travel Backpack in action

SANDMARC has launched the SANDMARC Travel Backpack, designed for day-to-day iPhone photographers or filmmakers.

Recognizing the needs of iPhone creators, the new backpack has been designed to provide convenience and organization for gear essentials. It features dedicated compartments for iPhone lenses within the laptop compartment, along with partitions for iPhone filters, tripod, and gear, every pocket has its purpose. 


SANDMARC has also incorporated an iPhone holder onto the front side of the shoulder strap so you can make sure that your device stays in place while capturing point-of-view  footage hands-free. This way, your iPhone is always within reach, whether you need to make a call, send a text, or engage in a photo or film session while on the move. 


The backpack is made from Ballistic Nylon that is durable and keeps up with long days. Rain or sun, the backpack has weather-sealed zippers and a waterproof material on the bottom. Inside it has mesh pockets, enclosed zipper spaces, and a hidden pouch for an air tag. Traveling through airports, you can securely attach the backpack to a suitcase or carry-on. Located beneath the backpack, are flexible straps that make it easy to carry any additional gear.

☉ Capacity: 25L to 30.5L (expanded)
☉ Weight: 3.1 lbs
☉ Dimensions: 20"x15"x6"
☉ Laptop Max Size: MacBook Pro 16"
☉ iPad Max Size: iPad Pro 12.9"

You can pre-order the SANDMARC Travel Backpack for $249.99. Shipping starts 2nd of April.


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