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Starting with Super 8mm: How to choose a Super 8 camera

Choosing a Super8mm camera can be a minefield...
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Choosing a Super8mm camera can be a minefield...

In the second part of his video series about Super 8 filming, Simon Wyndham does a deep-dive into what you should look for in a Super 8 camera.

In the first part of this series, I talked about why I got into Super 8, and what benefits it brings in a world full of ultra-high definition video. Am I mad, in a coma, or back in time? Thankfully, neither. But, as I pointed out in that video, using Super 8mm in a modern world can re-teach us some long forgotten techniques, as well as reminding us of why we enjoy creating video in the first place.

In light of Kodak's recent announcement that it is finally releasing its long awaited modern Super 8 camera, along with potential new developments from Logmar along similar lines, in the second part of the series I go into the rollercoaster ride of buying a vintage Super 8mm camera. Hundreds of different models were produced during the format's heyday, and it would be impossible to detail each and every one. However, I would like to offer my advice on some specific things to look out for, as well as mistakes to avoid.

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